Last Night’s Big Winners? The Ravens and Twitter

There’s a reason it only happens once per year. Ignoring the game itself, the Super Bowl is a shining example of logistical prowess and a strong coordinated effort. That one game in New Orleans last night was the result of a whole year of meticulous planning and preparation. It’s hard to argue that there’s anything more important to hosting a massive event than communication. It would be fascinating to see the number of phone calls, emails, texts, and Skype chats which happened leading up to the game. Millions of each would be my guess. Kudos to whichever company handled the telecom services because I’m sure they had their hands full. I can only imagine the amount of frantic calls going back and forth when the stadium power went out.

The big winner last night other than the Ravens? Twitter. Half the commercials which aired during the game mentioned the social media juggernaut in one way or another. Compare that to Facebook or Google +, who barely saw their name at all. Some major companies even jumped on the Twitter snark bandwagon when the power went out during the game. The nice folks over at Lexus offered to send some of their new LED lights to the stadium, which was a quick jab at Mercedes-Benz for whom the stadium is named. Walgreens and Nabisco Oreos also got in on the action and their power outage tweets were redistributed across the Twittersphere thousands of times.

Per usual when something big is happening, the Twitaholics shot out one liners with alarming regularity. Anytime I went to the bathroom, I could monitor the game solely by the tweets tagged with #SB47. Hundreds of new tweets poured in every minute from the large number of people who apparently moonlight as pro football analysts. It’s not that we really care about Chester from Wichita’s opinion of the spread offense, but since it’s only 140 characters its quick enough to at least tolerate his thoughts before moving on. I saw funny tweets, mean tweets, incoherent tweets, and every once in a while a tweet actually worth reading. Most worth reading came at halftime when the triple threat known as Destiney’s Child reunited on stage. All we needed was Justin Timberlake and it would have been 2002 all over again. If Jay-Z had popped out of the stage to spit a few lines then I think the internet would have self-imploded.

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