Look at the Difference Eight Years Makes

The Today Show on NBC took to Instagram yesterday in order to document one of the biggest differences between this Papal election and the last.  It was a photo which featured people watching Pope Benedict XVI’s election as Pope in 2005 compared with people watching the Papal Conclave yesterday. The differences between the two photos are glaring and it goes to show that even in the past eight years, our world has changed completely. Here is the link: Today Show Instagram.

In the 2005 picture, only two or three cell phones can be spotted amid the mass of people waiting for the Vatican to announce the new leader of the church. The 2013 picture has a few more phones, all of which are being held above the users head to get a clear shot with the camera. The person holding the tablet up is pretty funny too.

Obviously this picture says a lot about where we’ve been and where we’re going. With high speed internet and 4G mobile networks getting increasingly stronger and more reliable, look for our addiction to mobile devices to get even worse. VoIP calling is expected to grow as well so calling plans will be a thing of the past. Cell phones should really get a name change in the next few years because they do less phone-things than they do computer things. The telecom industry is only going to get more lucrative over the next decade as technology is going to allow for some pretty incredible advancements. I’m pretty excited and you should be too. Call the experts at JBI Telecom to schedule a consultation today!

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