How did Joey Bell get his nickname? 


There were a lot of kids at Public School 154 in Queens, NY during the 1970’s, but none quite like the one they called Joey Bell. It was on the playground of P.S. 154 that little Joey Rizzianiucci made his first sale and he never looked back. Born into an Italian family living in Queens, Joey grew up indoctrinated in the world of pasta and sauce. His mother taught him the art of sauce making at an early age and it quickly became Joey’s passion. He would grow his own tomatoes in the alleyway behind his apartment complex and make his own sauce from scratch. He sold the sauce on the playground during recess and it wasn’t long before he was selling more than he could produce.

Unfortunately, the short tomato growing season in Queens led Joey to pursue other ventures during his high school years. A brief foray into competitive pasta eating was followed by a stint slinging pizza by the slice on the streets of Brooklyn. While working the streets, Joey would often hear people complaining about their high phone bills. He decided that slashing bills was his ultimate calling. Food would always be his first love, but his real talent would emerge as a telecom salesman.

Joey’s been saving people money since he first put down the pizza paddle and set foot in the telecom arena. He traded in his pizza cart for a ten speed bike and a Bell Atlantic salesman’s handbook and thus began his career as the best telecom salesman the world had ever known. He saved a guy so much money on his very first sale that word of his skills spread throughout the five boroughs. He knew so much about Bell Atlantic that people began calling him Joey Bell and like cooked spaghetti thrown against a wall, the nickname stuck.

His old school salesman style was perfected on the playground and has been working for him ever since. Rumor has it he once sold sunscreen to an Eskimo and reading glasses to the blind. Don’t believe us? Call him today and find out for yourself! Nobody beats Joey Bell’s prices, nobody.


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